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a compassionate, personal experience - every person, every time

a compassionate, personal experience - every person, every time

a compassionate, personal experience - every person, every timea compassionate, personal experience - every person, every time

Successfully providing Skilled Nursing & Assisted Living services for over a century

About Us


What DOES home mean?

Being surrounded by the people we cherish. The ones who hold our hand for a walk, a prayer, a quiet squeeze of encouragement. Who listen to and laugh with us. Enjoying simple pleasures, like a cheery row of plants in the window. A contented cat purring. A good meal simmering on the stove. Home means care and comfort; friends and family; a place to rest and recharge.


And that's exactly what we offer!

This home-centric philosophy comes out of our belief that elders should be treated like people, not patients. They deserve respect due to someone with their wisdom and life experiences. Whether they need skilled nursing or assisted living services, in-patient treatment or out-patient therapy, we work with each individual to tailor a care plan that helps them feel well in mind, body, and spirit. 


Welcome Home

We believe in creating a real sense of home for seniors because this is our home, too. Brown has been in Circleville for more than a century, so we look at serving our elders as serving the community. Helping them is helping our own family. That's why we are now - and have always been - a nonprofit rooted in faith. 

No matter what propels their decision to turn to Brown - whether physical or financial - we want every elder in our care to feel that they're making a life change that's positive and proactive. One where they'll experience nurturing as much as nursing, companionship as much as compassion. 

One where every time an elder comes to us, they feel like they're coming home. 


Your contributions enable us to provide care that goes beyond what's required - to the exceptional level of care our exceptional Elders deserve. 

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Long History + Forward Thinking

As people get older, we say they are “advancing” in years. At Brown Memorial Home, we think the care we offer should always be advancing, too. 

Eden Alternative Certification

To demonstrate our commitment to moving eldercare forward, Brown Memorial Home recently became an Eden Alternative Provider. We sought out this designation because it reflects our philosophy that as we grow in years, so too should our options and opportunities. 

Mind + Body + Spirit

At Brown, we believe that elders deserve not only support, but stimulation and spontaneity. They deserve care that goes beyond their physical welfare to their emotional and mental well-being. They deserve an environment full of life and laughter, challenge and creativity. Most of all, we believe that to deliver care that truly cares, we must listen to and learn from our elders, treating them as people, not patients.

Elder-Centered Care

Brown caregivers get to know each elder to understand their needs and interests—from BBQs to Bible study, volunteering to gardening. We find out what they like, what motivates them, and what gives their life meaning. Then, working as partners, we develop an individualized plan that helps them feel engaged and empowered, whole and healthy. 

All in Community

Establishing close relationships with every elder requires us to go above and beyond the standard nursing-home m.o. It takes time, attention, and imagination. But since Brown Memorial Home has been a part of the Circleville community for more than a century, we have deep wells of knowledge and experience to draw on. We’ve remained steadfastly rooted in faith and not-for-profit, so integrity and service have always guided our growth—not our balance sheet. We’ve spent decades evolving our practices and programs so they’re as vigorous as our elders. 

Evolving Eldercare

Brown can continue advancing eldercare because we’re always ready to adapt and innovate. After all, longevity only comes to those who keep moving forward. 


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Better yet, see us in person!

We'd love to show you around our home. Give us a call or drop by any time. We look forward to welcoming you home!

Brown Memorial Home

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We're open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but our elders do need their rest. Please be respectful of the time and their privacy. 

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